Some of the Volunteers of the Byesville Scenic Railway


A few of the dedicated Byesville Scenic Railway volunteers, August 2006.


Coal miner Dave and trainman Jake are long-time railroad and coal

mining enthusiast.  Both volunteer as narrators on board the train.


Steve S., the son of a former coal miner, is one of the narrators on the

train and he tells of his father's experiences working deep in Rigby Mine.


Life-long train enthusiast John Warne serves as our conductor.


Fireman Tom and engineer Jim aboard locomotive #386.


Coal Miner Bob also narrates about the life of the coal miner.


Trainman Fred G. with Fairmont motorcar at Derwent.


Bill S. repairing washouts and clearing brush at C&M Crossing.


Tom, Steve, Bob, Cecil, and Dave at Number 5 bridge, April 2004.


Engineer Paul S. on board one of our steam excursions, Oct. 2006.


Trainman Jake & Ohio Central 4-6-2 steam locomotive #1293

 during our Steam Weekend in October 2006.


Caboose-painting crew: Wesley, Dave, and
our good friend Bob Emerson, in June 2007


Caboose-painting crew: Wesley, our good friend Bob Emerson,
and Dave, June 2007