Freight move on the Byesville Scenic Railway


On March 14, 2007 the first freight train in 10 years traveled over the route of the BSRW.  Basic Systems Inc. in Derwent received its first rail car since 1997.  Because there is no passing siding in Byesville, our excursion train was temporarily moved to Derwent to allow the gondola car to be spotted next to BSI for loading...


Ohio Central locomotive #4095 (former Conrail engine) delivering empty gondola

car to Basic Systems Inc. at Derwent.


Byesville Scenic Railway coaches and caboose on the south end of the gondola.


Close up view of the gondola car, locomotive is facing northbound.


Our excursion train temporarily spotted at Derwent.  It was moved back to our

station in Byesville after the gondola shipped out on the following Monday.


Ohio Central #4095 moving northbound past our station in downtown Byesville. A

passing siding was built here in 2007 to allow our excursion train to clear the

main track for future freight movements over our line.